Elton John Sings BTS’s “Permission To Dance” After RM’s Shout-Out

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Elton John is gaining much love from BTS fans around the world for his recent video.

BTS has been gaining lots of love for their recent hit “Permission To Dance” which mentions the legendary singer Elton John.

On August 6, “Permission to Dance” gained even more attention as Elton John uploaded a short cover of the song on Twitter. This was in response to a tweet BTS made that day. The video shared shows RM lip-syncing to the beginning part of “Permission to Dance” which includes a reference to the iconic English artist, the video tagged Elton John’s Twitter account too.

Elton John made a video in response to that, he sang,

“When the nights get colder, and the rhythms got you falling behind. Thanks BTS, and Love to the ARMY.”

The Elton John video has amassed over 2 million views thus far and has been retweeted by BTS’s account too. Fans can’t stop raving about how cute the video was.

Elton John had previously shown love for “Permission to Dance,” previously gave BTS a shout-out on Twitter last month.

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