ELLE Korea Re-uploads Red Velvet Photos After Facing Severe Backlash For Excluding Irene From The Post, Why Did They Do That?

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ELLE Korea has gotten into some controversy for excluding Irene from a Red Velvet post.

On August 22, the official account initially posted about Red Velvet’s looks including their hair and makeup, and tagged the members’ account, however, in the post, Irene was excluded from the individual shots, unlike the other members.

Red Velvet fans began asking the account administrators to take down the post and upload a new one with Irene in it since she’s part of the group.

The admins then deleted the posts and uploaded a new one including all of the Red Velvet members.

Some fans began to speculate the reason behind the exclusion of Irene, some believe it has to do with the friction caused between them and Irene due to her controversy last year.


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