ARMY are furious with a radio show that went to great lengths to criticize and attack BTS.

Dominican radio show Esto no es radio is under immense fire from BTS fans for their most recent broadcast. In it, they discuss BTS and the kpop fandom culture. Their discussion sparked massive massive backlash online.

Users on social media re-shared content from the show translated to English, the hosts describe BTS as a religion and go on to describe them as “The Chinese version of the Backstreet Boys.” 

They went on to stereotype Kpop idols and groups and discuss the plastic surgery they get and more bringing ethnicity into play,

One host said,

“They are like, of that part of the world, but they make surgery on themselves to look like North American but mixed with Asian.”

One host adds that BTS are “are Chinese grafts,” before bursting into laughter. The hosts appear to acknowledge the fact that they’re Korean and are part of Kpop but some of them continue to say they’re Chinese.

Check out the clip down below.

As you’d expect, fans were furious and have trended multiple hashtags demanding an apology from the hosts of the show including the hashtag #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico.

The show has not responded yet.


  1. Good day, please note there are countries that are Dominicans. People from Dominica and people from Dominican Republic. Please specify so that wrong country does not get hate

  2. BTS are not Chinese Backstreet Boys those Dominican people don’t know what they are talking about and they are actually k-pop not Chinese also Dominican people need to apologize to BTS for calling them Chinese


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