Popular Actress Reveals shocking Weight loss Of 8 Kg (17 lb) in 40 Days Due To Hate Comments Calling Her Fat

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Korean actress Bae Seul Gi Has made headlines for her weight loss.

Bae Seul Gi recently posted photos of herself to Instagram, the photos show the actress’s slim body as she reveals she’s lost a whopping 8 Kg (17 lb) in 40 days.

The actress captioned the post with her story, she talked about how she has gained weight after getting married, she started shooting her current drama without losing the weight, she says,

“I’ve always loved eating but I used to have better self-control.

I couldn’t control myself when I got married.

Besides the hate comments calling out my stomach, I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the camera like that.

I eased myself into exercise and diet and amped up the intensity gradually. The results are out, I lost 8kg in just 40 days!”

She said even the actors from the set of her currently airing drama were surprised by her weight loss.

Bae Seul Gi is currently starring in the SBS drama “Amor Fati” as the second female lead.

Fans are discussing her weight loss and how hate comments about body-shaming can harm actors.

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  1. How dear people judge Bae because of her weight.. who are you to call out Bae weight.. this is why suicidal thoughts enters a person mind because of hate and writing crap about them

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