Toxic Netizen Tells AKMU’s Suhyun To ‘F*Ck Off,’ Her Classy Response Goes Viral

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AKMU’s Suhyun is making headlines for speaking up against haters.

Recently, AKMU Suhyun held a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram stories, she answered many questions, however, one particular comment caught fans’ eyes.

The hateful netizen wrote a malicious comment that Suhyun ended up reposting and responding to, they said,

“Ugh, ugly ahjumma Suhyun, you only show off, get lost [f* off].”

To this, Suhyun replied,

“I usually ignore these but I feel upset that the commenter seems so young.

I don’t know if you thought I wouldn’t see it or if you wanted me to see it, but beyond what you’d think, we see everything.

Thankfully, I am a person who ignores them well, but there are people who might not be able to. You’re swinging right now a cotton bat, if you continue to do that, it will soon become a knife.”

Suhyun ended her response with a kind message as she attempts to reason with the commenter, she wrote,

“If you’re saying this because you hate me, I will let it slide. However, if you’re writing these comments for the sake of it, you should stop now. It is because you are too precious to become such a person.”

Netizens couldn’t help but admire Suhyun’s maturity and kindness when replying to that hateful comment. Her thoughtful long response has gone viral and is being shared among various online communities.

What did you think of her response?

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