“Yumi’s Cells” Releases First Stills Of Kim Go Eun


Our first look at “Yumi’s Cell” is finally here!

On July 1, tvN released the first-ever photo stills for its upcoming drama “Yumi’s Cells.” The lead actress Kim Go Eun features in the first stills, she’s rocking a short hair cut and made a complete transformation for the role of Yumi.

“Yumi’s Cells” is based on the hit webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi- from the point of view of her brain cells that control her every thought feeling, and action.


Kim Go Eun is taking on the role of Yumi, an ordinary woman who struggles to express her emotions. She experiences growth in her work and personal life and learns to find happiness in small everyday happenings.

“Yumi’s Cells” will be directed by Lee Sang Yeob who worked on “Familiar Wife” and “Shopping King Louie,” and co-written by “Memories of the Alhambra” writer Song Jae Jung, “Find Me in Your Memory” writer Kim Yoon Joo, and newcomer Kim Kyung Ran.

The drama is scheduled to air in the second half of 2021.

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