Yoo Jae Suk Joins A New Agency, Which One Did He Choose?

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Comedian Yoo Jae Suk has picked his new agency!

On July 14, Antenna revealed that they had signed an exclusive contract with Yoo Jae Suk. In their statement, they vowed to do their best to support him in all of his endeavors. They plan on creating content that connect music and variety shows.

Yoo Jae Suk also shared his thoughts on joining Atenna, he said that he was happy to join his colleagues that he knew for a long time.

Antenna is a company founded by musician Yoo Hee Yeol. He is known for being one of Yoo Jae Suk good friends. However, this marks the first time they’ve signed with a comedian and not an artist.

The agency currently houses artists including Jung Seung Hwan, Sam Kim, Jukjae, Kwon Jin Ah, Lee Jin Ah, Jung Jae Hyung, and more.

Kakao Entertainment’s M Company recently acquired a portion of Antenna’s stocks, launching a partnership between the companies.

Yoo Jae Suk debuted in 1991 as a comedian. He recently left FNC Entertainment.

We wish Yoo Jae Suk all the best at his new agency!

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