YG Entertainment Confirms BLACKPINK Jennie And Rosé Are In LA For Work


YG Entertainment has finally addressed fans curiosity about why BLACKPINK Jennie And Rosé were spotted in LA the past couple of days.

Recently, American tabloids reported that BLACKPINK Jennie And Rosé were spotted in LA, the girls were captured out and about in the city shopping.

Soon, fans began to speculate on the nature of their visit, many theorizing that they’re mostly there for work because of the current situation with COVID-19.

On July 2, YG responded to media reports on the matter and confirmed Jennie And Rosé are in LA for work related matters. They’re working on music.

The happy news has excited fans who can’t wait to see what type of project the girls might be working on.

Stay tuned for updates on BLACKPINK!  

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