The Story Of BTS Jungkook Saving A Comedian Life By Helping Him Avoid A Severe Accident Goes Viral

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BTS Jungkook is truly an angel!

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s “Baek Jong Won’s Alley restaurant,” SNSD’s Yuri and Hyoyeon made a special appearance as the week’s celebrity tasters.

One of the program’s hosts was MC Kim Sung Joo recalled a near-death accident after seeing Yuri at the restaurant. He recalled an experience when he was at a concert as an MC with Yuri.

The MC revealed that Jungkook had actually saved his life in a past event. He said,

“There is a memory I have with Yuri. I was an MC for a concert with her, the next ACT was BTS so I went and said ‘next is BTS, let us watch it together.’

Afterward, I wanted to come down from the stage and I thought it would be better if I went before the ladies so I went around the back of the stage, however, on my way I fell into a hole in the floor.

You know those places on the stage where artists are lifted up or jump up to the stage? it turns out that part was lowered so I fell into it. At the time, there was someone waiting there to make their appearance on stage. I ended up falling right on top of that person’s back. That person was BTS’s Jungkook.”

Kim Sung Joo recalls that he has fractured his hand from the accident, however, if Jungkook was not there he said he could have easily died. He took the opportunity to once again thank him and apologize for that day.

Fans have searched for the specific event that he recalled and it turned out that it was the 2016 Festival “DMC Festival,” BTS performed “Fire” that day.

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