On the latest episode of “Running Man” the members were recalling past stories of misunderstandings between them. Song Ji Hyo surprised fans by revealing she once had a misunderstanding with Lee Kwang Soo.

July 4 episode of “Running Man” mission was to keep chatting nonstop. While the members were discussing past misunderstandings they’ve had with each other, Song Ji Hyo chimed in with her own story, she revealed,

“I actually had a similar experience [referring to other member stories], when the other members would often get together to hang out they never included me.

But Lee Kwang Soo used to call me back in the day multi times asking me to come out and meet up with everyone. I got the wrong idea and I thought he was hitting on me. Because he kept calling me and asking me to come out all the time.”

The members all started laughing and agreed why she’d get the wrong idea. Song Ji Hyo then added,

“I got so annoyed that I eventually told him to stop calling me all the time like this, and hung up on him and he actually did. He really stopped calling me.”

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