SF9 Inseong Rumored To Have Said An Inappropriate Phrase, FNC Denies And Promises Strict Legal Action

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SF9 Inseong has come under fire by some netizens after a video of the group circulated on the web.

The clip in question is old and was released on May 5 as part of “KkoKkoMa SF9 Season 4”, Inseong was playing a game with his members when some netizens suspected they heard him say the word “jokon” (which means condition)and said “jokon mannam,” a phrase that refers to a form of prostitution.

FNC not only denied this and stated the rumors were ‘groundless,’ after checking the video to see the shape of his mouth, they concluded he didn’t say anything wrong, they’ve edited the video so it won’t cause further misunderstandings.

In addition to that, FNC is collecting evidence to take strong legal action against the spreading of false information related to SF9.

What are your thoughts on this?

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