Rare Photo Update Of Actor Park Min Woo Following His Tragic And Serious Motorcycle Accident Finally Released

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We finally have new updates to share about Actor Park Min Woo.

The rising actor had previously been in a severe accident, however, very little information is known about his current state.

Park Min Woo accident didn’t make the news in many big Korean media outlets and the lack of coverage has left fans searching for answers. Finally, his father’s update about his recent whereabouts is making headlines.

Back in March of 2018, Park Min Woo suffered serious injuries due to a motorcycle accident. He was on a leave from his military duty when he had gotten into the accident, he suffered major head injuries that required immediate surgery, which he managed to get.

The actor’s health has rarely been talked about in Korean media, recently, Park Min Woo’s father made a guest appearance on CTS’s channel and revealed that Park Min Woo is currently being nursed at home due to his physical injuries.

The father also shared a rare photo of the actor in a wheelchair which shocked fans. He uses a motorized wheelchair to get around due to his injuries as he’s unable to walk. While fans were made aware that he’s gotten better, the lack of updates from the actor has caused serious concern.

Various netizens have also been sharing updates about the actor, one netizen shared that he’s saw him a while ago at a local community health center undergoing physical recovery.

Park Min Woo made his debut as an actor in 2011, since then he’s been in many projects such as Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Modern Farmer, Happy Home and more.

He’s famous for his appearance on the hit variety show “Roommate,” he was part of a lineup that included top entertainers such as Park Bom, Seo Kang Joon, Nana, EXO‘s Chanyeol, Lee Dong Wook and more.

Wishing Park Min Woo a speedy recovery, hope we can see you soon on screen.

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