“Penthouse 3” Ratings Continue To Decline After One-Week Hiatus, Why?

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The “Penthouse 3” ratings are on a downward trajectory despite taking a Hiatus for a week.

according to Nielsen Korea, the SBS hit drama “Penthouse 3” returned after taking a one-week break, however, its return was not as well-received as expected. “Penthouse 3” episode 8 scored an average Nationwide rating of 15.7%, this is a decrease from its previous episode that aired two weeks prior.

Despite that, it remains the most-watched program of any kind on any channel on Friday, as well as the most-watched miniseries of the week.

Many fans are wondering why the drama ratings have been on a downward trajectory despite the success of its previous seasons.

“Penthouse 3” confirmed to be extended by two more episodes to end on 14 episodes instead of 12 episodes. The decision was met with mixed responses by fans.

What do you think is contributing to the decline of “Penthouse 3” ratings?

Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I’m not going to lie to you, I am still puzzled by the decision to extend the drama by not one but two more episodes. I have been watching the drama and I don’t understand how the screenwriter managed to make it so convoluted and so overly stuffed that it would still need two more episodes.

Despite the fact that the drama has been on a downward trajectory and has not been able to hit the high ratings that it did with its first episodes , this strikes me as an odd decision.

The drama is more than halfway through but I don’t think it will be able to get 20% in ratings unless it’s probably for its last episodes. I still stand by my previous review when I said that the drama didn’t need to be extended to a third season, you can tell they’re really milking it until it cannot be milked anymore. It is still fun to a certain extent but the plot is long gone in my opinion.

If I were the screenwriter, I would want it to end with a good reputation not to become whatever it has become which is honestly pretty sad to see.

Despite me saying I don’t understand, it’s ratings are over 10% which is still a very impressive number because many dramas that are airing for the past couple of months have not been able to do what it did, it is just sad what it’s has become.

By Hilda Moore

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