Netizens Shocked By Photo Of f(x) Victoria Kissing A Woman

A recent photo posted to social media has netizens sharing mixed reactions!

f(x)’s Victoria has shocked fans when a photo was uploaded where she kissed a woman.

The photo was posted onto social media on July 25t on Weibo, Chinese actress Sunny Wang Xiao Chen shared the photo and captioned it with,

“This woman is who is the most perfect in my eyes, she’s kind, outstanding, cute, hard-working, and beautiful. Thank you for your care and for spending the entire day with me.”

Victoria and Sunny Wang Xiao Chen are currently starring in a Chinese drama together, Victoria celebrated Sunny Wang Xiao Chen birthday and they were seen cutting the cake.

The photo gained mixed reactions with some questioning whether she’s coming out while others opting to explain that this is normal in China.

Some netizens have explained that it is normal in China to see a same-sex kiss between two friends, others stated that this could have been done to promote their new drama together.

Victoria who is currently promoting as an actress in China left SM this past April.

What do you think of this?

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