NCT Taeil Is The New Guinness Record Holder For The Fastest Instagram Account To Reach 1 Million Followers

NCT Taeil now holds a Guinness World Record title!

Earlier this month, NCT Taeil launched his personal Instagram account. Fans flocked to his Instagram to follow his account and it was enough to break a world record!

On July 13, Guinness World Record confirmed that Taeil had indeed broken the record for the fastest Instagram account to reach 1 million followers.

He had surpassed 1 million followers in just one hour and 45 minutes after his first post. He not only surpassed the previous record holder but managed to do so in quarter that time. British Actor Rupert Grint had held that record.

Taeil was very happy and in the Guinness World Record article that announces this, he said,

“Thank you to all the fans! I was so surprised when I heard the news! I never imagined myself becoming a Guinness World NCTzens. I’ll try my best to connect and communicate even more through socials. I love you all!”

Congratulations, Taeil, for this amazing achievement!

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