MONSTA X Shownu is enlisting in the military very soon!

On July 10, MONSTA X Shownu personally announced to fans he’s enlisting in the military. He wrote a post to his group’s official fan cafe to relay the news.

MONSTA X Shownu will enlist on July 22 as a public service worker. The idol talks about the joy and hardships he’s experienced and the love and support he’s received from fans. He thanked fans for letting him experience so many things through MONSTA X.

Later, his agency also released a statement to confirm his enlistment. He will undergo basic training for four weeks before fulfilling the rest of his military service as a public service worker. He’s enlisting as a public service worker due to his past surgeries which include surgery for retinal detachment in his left eye and a dislocated shoulder.

The time and location of Shownu’s enlistment will be kept private due to the current situation with COVID-19.


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