Actress Lee Joo Young has no tolerance for haters!

On July 7, Actress Lee Joo Young shared a new selfie of herself, she shared a bare-faced selfie and captioned with,

“First selca in a while.”

Fans were discussing how beautiful she looked, the actress was also growing her hair which has been short for a while, however, one netizen thought it was a good idea to leave a rude malicious comment on the actress’s Instagram.

The netizen wrote, ‘wear some makeup.’

Fans were in utter shock reading that comment, the actress noticed it and replied back with this epic response, she said,

“Why? I don’t usually wear makeup on a daily basis. If you like makeup that much, then wear it yourself. If you don’t like seeing my face, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t come here?”

Netizens are applauding Lee Joo Young’s straightforward response, and are shocked at how rude that netizen comment was.

What do you think of her comment?



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