Kim Young Dae Faces Backlash After Suddenly Stepping Down From “School 2021,” Production Team Says They Didn’t Agree To His Departure

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Rising actor Kim Young Dae is making headlines!

Back in May, Kim Young Dae joined the cast of the upcoming KBS drama “School 2021” which is led by WEi’s Kim Yo Han as well. The main cast was confirmed and it looked like the drama was on its way to begin filming after the many setbacks it faced.

On July 15, an industry representative told news outlets that Kim Young Dae decided to step down from “School 2021” because things were different from what was originally discussed. The production team was said to be searching for a replacement as they’re set to begin filming very soon.

Later, his agency confirmed that he’s stepped down from “School 2021.”

But why did this become an issue?

Shortly after the announcement of the actor stepping down, his agency confirmed he was in talks for another drama, this time as the first male lead, Lee Sung Kyung is also in talks for that drama. The timing raised many questions.

To make matters more confusing, the production team behind “School 2021” has said that he’s left without negotiating with them, hence, the backlash.

Following the unexpected news, “School 2021” production team released a statement and revealed that they’ve actually signed a contract with Kim Young Dae and not only that, but the actor also attended the script reading and practice sessions as they were preparing to film this July. However, his agency suddenly said he’d be leaving the drama without negotiating with them.

They added,

“The production team and KBS have not agreed to actor Kim Young Dae’s departure, and we are working to reach an amicable settlement.”

The production team also commented on how shocked they were to hear that the actor was already in talks to lead another drama as soon as the news about his departure from “School 2021” were shared. They will share the final details soon.

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