Police Were Called On Jung Kyung Ho Because Someone Reported Him For Being ‘A Crazy Person’? Check Out The Absurd Hilarious Story

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Jung Kyung Ho has made fans laugh with what he said in a recent interview!

In a recently uploaded video by Netflix Korea, Jung Kyung Ho sat down to speak about the second season of “Hospital playlist” which began airing on June 17.

He shared behind-the-scenes stories of the filming and also answered questions about his favorite characters, favorite moments from the show, and more. During the interview, the phrase [Jung Kyung Ho sighting] was brought up, to that he shared a very funny but kind of absurd story.

He said,

“Before I start the project, I like to go to the sauna before work. I like the refreshing feeling after sweating a lot. on the days I can’t go, I actually walk around the neighborhood wearing a thick jacket while pushing my dogs down a stroller in the middle of the summer.”

He said the people misunderstood him as a crazy person, he added,

“Then one of those days after I came home after a walk, the police came to me and rang my doorbell, I asked them what’s going on and the police said that they received a report that a crazy person has walked into this building. Now my photo is on the web page of our neighborhood’s Community Center, it says ‘this is Jung Kyung Ho, so please don’t be scared.’ So now people just say hi to me and pass by me.”

You can check out the full hilarious interview down below!

What do you think of the Absurd funny story that he shared?

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