Former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon recent Instagram story is making headlines but not for the reason you’d expect.

Chaeyeon recently published a story with a picture of her and her friend, she wrote,

“My friend is a tiny bean, how to learn choreography in a mirror mode. Use a real mirror!”

The photo itself [which you can see below] as well as the caption was nothing out of the ordinary. However, Chaeyeon then shared a new story to explain that the previous story got deleted, but why?

She shared a screenshot sent by Instagram. The story was removed because it violated their ‘bullying and abuse’ guidelines. This, of course, doesn’t make any sense in fans’ eyes and it is very weird that such a photo could have been considered anything but normal.

Chaeyeon shared the Instagram notification she’s got and captioned with, ‘what!’

It appears that the idol is equally surprised by this.

Why do you think it happened?


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