Undeniable Proof That BTS Jungkook Eyebrow Piercing Is No Longer Fake


BTS Jungkook had made headlines earlier this year when he was spotted with eyebrow piercing.

Fans were discussing whether it was real or not but the idol soon confirmed it was only a sticker and actually fake.

Regardless, many fans thought he looked so good with the eyebrow piercing. However, it appears that now the eyebrow piercing is no longer fake.

In the most recent promotional video of BTS for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Jungkook can be spotted with an eyebrow piercing. Eagle-eyed fans zoomed in and came to the conclusion the piercing was no longer fake.

If you look closely, you can see that Jungkook Eyebrow Piercing is real as its piercing through his skin. He’s no longer wearing sticker piercing.

So there you have it guys, Jungkook Eyebrow Piercing is now real. Do you think it suits him?

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