Is BTS Featuring In Cold Play’s Upcoming Song? Big Hit Music Responds To The Rumors

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Is a BTS and Cold Play collaboration coming soon?

On July 15, the lyrics to a song called ‘my universe’ were uploaded to the music lyrics database site MatchLyric. The song is believed to be a new song by Cold Play.

The lyrics featured BTS and there were Korean lyrics as well. Added to that, leaked sound sources of what appears to be the song spread online, it contains voices that netizens believe to be that of Coldplay’s Chris Martin and BTS’s Jungkook.

Thus, the rumors of a BTS and Cold Play collaboration came up again, this time, Big Hit Music commented on the issue with a simple statement,

“It’s difficult to confirm the related content.”

Coldplay and BTS have communicated several times on social media before, fans have always talked about how cool it would be for the two groups to collaborate.

With Coldplay’s Chris Martin recent visit to Seoul, the rumors spread again that his group might be collaborating with BTS.

Do you think Coldplay and BTS will collaborate anytime soon?

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