How This Lightstick Saved The Life Of A SEVENTEEN’s Fan

The Caratbong lightstick has contributed to saving a fan’s life and the story will warm your heart.

The Caratbong lightstick is known for being one of the brightest ones in the market available for K-pop fans. This came to be after the renewal of the light stick when the SEVENTEEN member S.Coups suggested for it to be made more powerful and brighter than the original one. He had made this suggestion after taking into consideration the fact that it would be late when fans returned home from events and concerts.

This bright light stick ended up saving a Fan’s life.

In China, they have been struck with heavy floods that are leaving many people stranded or cut completely from electricity. As the relief efforts were dispatched to save the citizens who are stuck and Stranded, one fan received help from something she had in her position.

As she was waiting in the dark for the relief efforts to come and save her, she used her lightstick which was so bright that they were able to locate her instantly. As a result, she was able to be taken to safety.

Another Chinese fn also stated that her phone was out of battery and they were facing blackouts. She ended up using the lightstick as a flashlight during the entire night.

Fans are happy to find out that the lightstick managed to save and be of help to fans during such difficult times.

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