“Hospital Playlist 2” Episode 7 Will Not Be Airing Next Week, Here Is Why

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“Hospital Playlist 2” Episode 7 is not airing next week much to fans surprise!

According to news outlets, the drama will be taking a break on July 29th while “Hospital Playlist 2 episode 6 aired on July 22, it was decided that episode 7 will air two weeks later.

A special broadcast on July 29th will Air instead, the special episode will include behind-the-scenes stories about the band, video commentaries by the actors, and more. It was reported that the reason behind why “Hospital Playlist 2” episode 7 is not airing next week is due to the COVID-19 situation is South Korea right now, and in order to maintain the quality of the script, the drama is taking a break. tvN says they have been delays in the shooting schedule.

“Hospital Playlist 2” has recorded its highest ratings for five consecutive times since it started airing its first episode a couple of weeks ago, its episode which aired on the 15th of July recorded 12.4% in ratings Nationwide. Attention is focused on how a week absence of the drama will affect the trend of its ratings.

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