Han So Hee’s Savagely Responds To People Criticizing Her Past Photos Featuring Visible Tattoos And Smoking Cigarettes


Rising Actress Han So Hee has been gaining attention due to her response to her past photos becoming controversial among netizens.

The rising actress is currently leading JTBC’s drama “Nevertheless,” her past photos have become a hot topic again as they show a contrast from her current image.


The actress’s past photos with tattoos and cigarettes have gained attention again and this time, her response to the backlash they’ve gotten is also getting attention.


Before her debut as an actress, Han So Hee had visible tattoos and would often also post photos smoking a cigarette. Some netizens commented on how shocking this was, Han So Hee response to this was different from what you’d think. The actress said that she doesn’t have any thoughts to say regarding those who criticized her past look.

She also added, “I’m me back then, And I’m me now too.”

Han So Hee said she also finds it funny that people call it the past since these photos were taken from 3 to 4 years ago. She also added,

“As you work, don’t you start to develop restrictions in your normal life?

As a result, I think I am now complete in my image.”

Thoughts on her response?

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