Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has this to say to haters who continue to criticize and shame idols over everything they do!

On July 7, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon took to her Instagram stories to share a picture with text, the picture reads,

“If someone is fat, you call them fat. If someone is thin, you say they look sick. If someone wears loose fitted clothes, you say they look like a man.

If they wear tight-fitting outfits, you say its racy. If someone eats a lot you call them a pig, if someone eats a little, you call them picky and difficult.

If someone like name brands, you call them a poster and a label whore, if they like inexpensive clothes, you say they don’t know how to dress. Haters will hate on everything you do, so I like living life the way I want.”

Taeyeon has recently came back with a single called “Weekend” on July 6. The song has topped various music charts in Korea and overseas.

What do you think of Taeyeon’s statement?



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