Thai Cosmetics Company Caught Promoting A Tweet Hating On BLACKPINK Jennie, Issues An Apology

Thai Cosmetics Company Smooth E, which is considered one of the largest cosmetics companies in Thailand, has been caught by fans promoting a tweet that hates on BLACKPINK Jennie.

Fans found out that on July 12, an old tweet from 2018 that hates on Jennie is being promoted by the brand. The promoted tweet contains negative comments directed at Jennie and it states that she is a ‘disappointment’ and doesn’t belong in BLACKPINK.

Furthermore, the tweet uses a hashtag known for being often used by Jennie anti-fans.

As you’d expect, fans were angry when they found out, the company gained massive backlash, fans demanded the company provides an explanation and an apology for what they’d done.

On the same day, the company issued an apology on twitter, they stated that the username of the account was similar to the one they had originally considered promoting. However, a lot of fans are not pleased with the reasoning as it is not so easy to promote a tweet from three years ago.

Aside from finding the tweet through manual long process since its old [from 2018], you have to select the country, time zone, provide contact information, enter billing information and more to promote a tweet.

You can read the company’s apology statement below!

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