CL Partners With Kang Daniel’s Agency Konnect Entertainment For Upcoming Domestic Album Promotions

Fans are happy to learn that CL is coming back soon and her comeback promotions in South Korea will be managed by Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment.

On July 10, CL took to social media to announce to fans that she will be partnering with KONNECT Entertainment for the promotions of her upcoming album “ALPHA,” as well as her activities within Korea.

Kang Daniel originally established KONNECT Entertainment as a one-man agency whilst preparing for his solo debut. Fans are happy to see the agency growing and managing a top artist like CL.

Following CL’s statement, the agency also stated that they will be responsible for managing CL’s upcoming domestic activities. CL’s agency Very Chery also confirmed the partnership.

CL is set to comeback with her upcoming album “ALPHA” soon and will return to promoting in Korea as well. Fans are super excited to see what she has in stores.

Are you excited for CL to return to promoting in Korea?

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