Previously, it was brought up on various online communities that a part of the song “Butter” had the same Melody as a part of Luca Debonaire’s song “You Got Me Down” from 2020.

Later singer Luca Debonaire Shared to his social media accounts that he had bought the Top Line in 2019 from Sebastian Garcia, who is also credited as the composer of “Butter.”

This has raised questions whether there were any potential copyright issues or plagiarism issues with the song since it had the same Top Line used in two separate songs.

To address of the accusations and worries from fans, Big-Hit Music released the following statement,

“We have confirmed that there are no copyright issues regarding “Butter,” the song was produced and released through the process of verifying that there were no problems with this song from all authors there are no issues with this song, and there are also no issues regarding the song’s rights.

However, we are aware of the claim that there is a problem with the copyright, and even so the rights of the song belongs to “Butter” without any change.”

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