Popular singer Baek Yerin is known for her love for tattoos and has been sporting beautiful tattoos across the years.

In her most recent post, she showed her beautiful tattoos wearing a red dress. The post was flooded with comments by fans who talked about how beautiful she looked and how adorable her tattoos were.

However, not everyone seems to think having tattoos is a good idea, this rude netizen left a puzzling comment on her post, they wrote,

You are so beautiful. Just… no more tattoos girl. I mean, would you put stickers on a Bentley?? Just No.”

Baek Yerin clapped back at the user keeping it classy, she said,

I’m not a Bentley. I’m just Yerin ♥ Thank you xx.”


Many fans have since come to her defense talking about how it is rude for someone to compare the singer to an object, and for netizens to attempt to tell her what to do with her body.

What do you think of her response? Do you think her tattoos look good on her or not?



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