Following sexual assault allegations against Kris Wu, things are escalating!

Previously, Kris Wu was accused of repeated sexual assault, pedophilia and more. The allegations were brought about by a woman named Du Meizhu.

He has denied all involvement and all the allegations made against him but the backlash against him didn’t subside, and despite his denial statement, more victim came forward with their own stories sharing screenshots and more.

As a result of the massive backlash against him he ended up losing on a lot of endorsements, at least 19 companies including Louis Vuitton either suspended or terminated their contracts with him this week. Porsche terminated their contract with Kris while Louis Vuitton suspended relationship until the results of the legal investigation are out. Shortly after, Bvlgari also terminated their contract, this is not even mentioning the Chinese brands that have also cut contact with him

This is a developing story!

What do you think of this?


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