ARMY Furious With Louie Vuitton’s Recent Promotional Video For Excluding BTS V, Why Does This Always Happen To V?

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ARMY are not happy with Louie Vuitton most recent short promotional video because it excludes a member!

BTS has been chosen as Louie Vuitton’s brand ambassadors since April earlier this year. They have also participated in its fashion show in Seoul.

A new promotional video of the event was released, fans were happy to see it at first but became upset after watching through it because V wasn’t included.

The short promotional video was posted on July 8, it showcases only 6 out of the 7 BTS members. Fans responded by trending ‘BTS is 7’ and asked the brand to edit the video and re-upload it with V.

The fans have continued to request the brand to release a new edited version of the video and delete the one that is up now. Fans are disappointed because this isn’t the first time V was left out of a promotional video.

Fans left comments such as,

  • Where’s V?
  • BTS is 7! Remember that.
  • Kindly fix the error!! We hope you know by now!!
  • You have 7 ambassadors, but there’s only 6 in this video. So please we kindly ask you to fix it, and that you add ‘Taehyung’ (V), because he’s also a BTS’s member and one of the ambassadors. Thank you!

What do you think of this error?


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