Rising Korean Rapper Aquinas Comes Out As Bisexual, Fans Shower Him With Support

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Rising Korean Rapper Aquinas from “High School Rapper 3” has came out as bisexual.

On July 12, Korean Rapper Aquinas posted to his Instagram account, he posted in both English and Korean, he wrote, “I am bisexual.”

Korean Rapper Aquinas is 21 years old and has made a name for himself after appearing on “High School Rapper 3,” he was the second runner up on the show.

Aquinas’s post was met with a lot of support and love from fans and non-fans who applauded his courageous behavior to come out as bisexual. It is very rare for Korean celebrities to ever come out since South Korea is a conservative society.

Aquinas is one of the very few Korean celebrities who have come out and one of the even fewer Korean celebrities to come out as bisexual since Former WASSUP member Jiae.


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