“Please Sort Yourselves Out,” Apink Eunji Asks Sasaengs To Stop Invading Her Privacy And Showing Up At Her Home


Apink Eunji is pleading with Sasaengs to leave her alone!

Apink Eunji took to Twitter to reveal that she’s recently been struggling with people who continue to invade her privacy and even show up at her home, the idol-actress wrote this in her post,

“There are people who come to my house these days, I really dislike it myself too but the thing is it is also inconveniences and causes trouble for those around me too…

People who only care about their own feelings seem like they will not be able to respect me either, Let us please love in a healthy way.

when I see a picture of my dog floating around that I didn’t post myself and they aren’t from my live broadcasts, it tells me that people have gone to extreme lengths to dig it up, and also makes me kind of angry.

People who read this and feel guilty because it applies to you, please sort yourselves out.”

Apink Eunji has even stuck to audio-only live broadcasts to protect her privacy. Fans believe she should sue those people who continue to invade her privacy.


What are your thoughts on this?

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