Ahn Bo Hyun Under Fire For His YouTube Channel Subscriptions Which Include Someone Who Ridiculed The Sewol Ferry Commemoration Efforts + Issues Apology And Explanation

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Ahn Bo Hyun is under Fire for his YouTube subscriptions, but why is that happening? and why would his YouTube subscriptions get him under so much controversy?

The issue began when fans found out that the actor was subscribed to controversial channels on YouTube such as PPKKa and Kim Yong Ho.


He has been using his channel to update his fans on the various happenings in his life including his daily life, hobbies, and more. Ahn Bo Hyun is subscribed to many channels of famous Korean actors as well as YouTubers who are known for being very controversial one of them is the channel PPKKa that had previously criticized a feminist professor and labeled all feminists ‘delusional,’ he also stated that the victims of Seoul ferry incident are ‘those of distinguished service to impeachment,’ he also made a very ludicrous statement claiming that Seoul ferry incident commemoration efforts were just a business to sell yellow ribbons angering netizens.

Another YouTuber he subscribed to is known for making up ridiculous rumors about celebrities in attempts to dragging them down, Kim Yong Ho has also been criticized for starting things not proven to be true and for going after celebrities and attempting to create controversy out of thin air.

Due to the severe backlash, Ahn Bo Hyun ended up issuing an apology for his controversy. On July 20, he posted the apology to his official YouTube channel Community section, he stated that he’d like to apologize for the “recent discomfort he has given to fans,” he attempted to clarify and explain the situation. He stated that when he first opened his channel in 2019 he managed all of the aspects of it but in the second half of 2020 a page manager stepped in and has been in charge of the editing and uploading.

He added I heard that the manager made a mistake,

“I am writing this after checking the facts. it is completely my fault that I was not able to pay attention and to manage the channel properly. I apologize for causing discomfort to those who looked over me and supported me.”

However many netizens are disappointed to hear that he subscribe to such controversial people.


What are your thoughts on this?

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