2PM Taceyeon And Chansung Share A Terrifying Experience Of Sasaengs Waking Them Up, Fans In Utter Shock

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2PM Taceyeon and Chansung story about sasaengs will frighten you!

On the most recent episode of “Knowing Brothers,” 2PM made a guest appearance as an entire group. They talked about many things and among the things that gained attention was the story they shared about sasaengs [obsessive so-called fans who invade idols privacy].

2PM Taceyeon and Chansung told a story of a scary encounter with sasaengs overseas. One member shared that Taecyeon had gone through a frightening experience when one sasaeng entered into his room.

Taecyeon explained the situation,

“While we were in Singapore for a concert, we stayed at a hotel. Chansung and I shared a room, but the thing is, me and Chansung don’t wear clothes when we sleep.

We were asleep when I suddenly heard the sound of a hotel key card beeping and the door opening. Then I heard the voices of five or fix female voices giggling to themselves. So I was thinking, ‘did we enter the wrong room by accident? What is this? What is going on?’ my heart was pounding so hard.”

Taecyeon says the girls then gradually entered the room and locked eyes with him,

“Since this was Singapore and not Korea, they were foreigners. I was so shocked that I started swearing like crazy in English. Then they suddenly began swearing at me too.”

Confused by what happened, Heechul asked why they were cursing at him, Taecyeon said he didn’t know why, and it appears the sasaengs used a card key to sneak in.

Chansung then said,

“I was sleeping and he was cursing so much that I woke up to ask what was happening, then I screamed because there were people standing in front of me. I was so shocked because I had been asleep.”

Fans are in utter shock after hearing the story, this is one of the crazier encounters an idol has ever shared on TV. Many wonder how the sasaengs were ever able to get access to their room card key.

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