“Start-Up” Actor Yoo Su Bin Joins “Master In The House” As A Fixed Cast Member After Shin Sung Rok And Cha Eun Woo’s Departure


“Start-Up” Actor Yoo Su Bin is set to join SBS’s variety show “Master in the House” as a new fixed member!

Shin Sung Rok And Cha Eun Woo had previously departed the show to focus on their main careers. At the time, fans were wondering if it meant new members will be added and it’s now been confirmed to be the case.

On June 28, a source from “Master in the House” shared that Actor Yoo Su Bin is set to join as a fixed cast member and will appear in July’s episodes.

It was also reported that he’s recorded with the fixed cast members on June 28. Fans are looking forward to his chemistry with the rest of the fixed cast members of “Master in the House.”

Yoo Su Bin is active as an actor and has appeared in many dramas, his popularity has risen after his roles in “Crash Landing on You” and “Start-Up.”

Are you excited to see Yoo Su Bin on “Master in the House”?

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