TXT Reveals How BTS RM Came To Write Lyrics For “0X1=LOVESONG”


TXT have finally made their grand return!

On May 31, TXT held an online press conference to discuss their new album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.”

As many fans are already aware, BTS RM was credited as one of the lyricists for their title song “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).” During the press conference, the group talked about how that came to be.

Mod Sun and No Love for the Middle Child participated in composing the title track, and RM participated in the lyrics, Soobin said,

“Bang Si Hyuk PD had trouble with the lyrics for about three weeks before asking RM for help. RM also helped with the title.”

Huening Kai also talked about running into RM in the practice room, RM had told him, ‘its nothing, just sing it well.’ Huening Kai said he wanted to take this chance to thank his sunbae again.

Check out TXT’s newest track below!

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