TWICE Jeongyeon Seen In Pain On Stage, Fans Worried About Her Health

Fans are worried about TWICE Jeongyeon after seeing her recent fancam!

TWICE members are currently busily promoting their recent comeback and the title track “Alcohol-free” which was released on June 11. The girl group is actively promoting on music shows and as usual, fancams are expected. However, one fancam of TWICE Jeongyeon gained attention and subsequent worry from fans.

During the group’s performance on Inkigayo, fans noticed that TWICE Jeongyeon was performing with some pain. The idol was seen a bit down and biting her lips as if she’s holding back pain. She appeared to be struggling at certain moments while performing but still managed to do her best. This reminded fans of the previous health issues the idol has struggled with.

Jeongyeon had neck issues and received a surgery last year resulting in a hiatus for a period of time to recover. This is worrying fans who have left comments asking if she should take a longer break, many are also saying she should look out for her health.

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