Super Junior Heechul Flustered After His “Knowing Brothers” Crew Tells Him Not To Bring Over His Girlfriend To The Dorm

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Super Junior Heechul was surprised after his “Knowing Brothers” crew said this on the show!

On June 5, “Knowing Brothers” aired a dormitory special and the crew was moved to the dorm, Shindong has set the rules for the dorm and added, ‘make private calls outside,’ Min Kyung Hoon chimed in and looked at Heechul to say, ‘don’t bring your girlfriend.’

Shindong added on, ‘you won’t bring her here will you?,’ Heechul appears to have been caught by surprise by the question. Heechul didn’t add a thing.

Fans are showing mixed responses to the crew bringing up Momo on the show repeatedly.

Momo and Heechul confirmed they were dating in January of 2020.

What do you think of this?

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