Stray Kids Hyunjin is set to resume activities with his group!

On June 26, Stray Kids surprised fans by releasing a new mixtape single “OH” along with a music video, the MV featured Stray Kids Hyunjin and it marked the first time fans had saw him since his controversy.

Hyunjin had been on a hiatus from group activities since February.

JYP has stated later that morning that during Hyunjin’s break, he’s reflected on himself, donated and participated in volunteer work. JYP also announced that as of July, Hyunjin will officially resume activities as part of his group.

The announcement has excited fans, Hyunjin has been on a hiatus after one of his middle school classmates posted to an online community accusing him of verbally bullying them. According to JYP, Hyunjin has met the person and apologized to them, they cleared their misunderstandings and will ‘cheer on one another’s future.’

Are you happy Hyunjin is back?


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