Stray Kids Gearing Up For A Digital Single Release, Will Hyunjin Also Be Present? JYP Responds

Stray Kids will release new music soon!

On June 15, it was reported that Stray Kids will be releasing a new digital single in late June.

According to the initial report, this single will be part of their mixtape project which previously included “Gone Days” and “On Track,” and will express gratitude towards fans. JYP Entertainment later confirmed the news and stated the release date will be announced once confirmed.

In regards to Hyunjin’s participation in the song, JYP stated,

“The various questions being asked will be answered once confirmed and sorted out.”

Hyunjin has been on a hiatus since February at the time the bullying rumors about him came out.

Stray kids was the winner of “Kingdom” and are expected to greet fans soon with a lot of content following their win.

Stay tuned for updates and teasers!

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