Amid Criticism Regarding Song Kang’s Acting, What Veteran Actor Park In Hwan Said About His Acting In An Interview Comes To Light

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Song Kang is currently starring in the JTBC drama “Nevertheless,” and his acting has been under the spotlight again with netizens sharing contrasting opinions about whether he’s a good actor or not.

On one community post, a k-netizen saw “Nevertheless” video teasers and asked the community about why Song Kang’s vocalization sounds bad. On the post, many k-netizens began to discuss Song Kang’s acting and whether they think he’s good or not.

Some think he’s a good actor but there are also others who think he’s wooden, awkward and his vocalization is bad and frustrating to listen to.

Amid the discussion, a relatively new article which was an interview with his previous co-star came to light.

Song Kang recently wrapped up “Navillera,” he starred opposite the well-known and respected veteran actor Park In Hwan. The veteran actor has been active in the industry since 1965, for about 56 years.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, Park In Hwan talked about working with Song Kang, he said this about his vocalization,

“At first, I was practicing with Song Kang but he couldn’t pull off the lines very well. Maybe it was from a lack of confidence, but his voice was so faint so I told his agency to try for a vocalization/pronunciation classes as an advice. After that, when we filmed, I told him to Gain some confidence and just spit it out.”

In the same interview he also talked about how Song Kang was a kind man, he added,

“The kid is smart and he accepts what the director says, and he absorbs it so well without any resistance.”

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Netizens attention was focused on the part of the interview where Park In Hwan discussed his vocalization since this has been an ongoing discussion among netizens on online forms.

Many k-netizens believe his pronunciation is off, many have also commented on how he should be taking lessons to focus on tackling the issues he have with his acting skills.

What do you think of Song Kang’s acting skills?

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  1. In Nevertheless, I think Song Kang’s acting and vocalization fit the character well. I couldn’t comment on pronunciation since I don’t know Korean, but his expression and intonation drew me in. Because of the way he presented the character, I could see that, for all Jae-Eun’s faults, he was sincere toward Nabi, and so I wanted them to figure out how to make the relationship work. I had no idea it was the same actor as in Sweet Home. He successfully portrays each character very differently. So, is he wooden? No. I was surprised at the criticism. (But because of the themes of Nevertheless, it totally makes sense to me it would be more popular overseas than in Korea.)

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