SBS’s “Penthouse 3” Premiere Becomes The Series Most-Watched Premiere Ever

SBS’s “Penthouse 3” is off to a great start!

On June 4, SBS’s “Penthouse 3” made its grand return with it’s final season, fans from all around the world were super excited to finally see what happens after the finale of its second season.

According to Nielsen Korea, SBS’s “Penthouse 3” scored average nationwide ratings of 16.9%, 19.5%, and 19.1% for its three parts, thus, becoming the most-watch season premiere for the drama yet. SBS’s “Penthouse 3” was also the most-watched program of any kind to air on any channel on Friday.

Meanwhile, KBS’s idol drama “Imitation” scored an average 1.1% while JTBC’s remake of BBC’s “Undercover” scored an average nationwide rating of 3.9%.

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