Red Velvet Yeri Fans Defend Her Friendship With Pentagon’s Hongseok And Other Male Idols

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Red Velvet are not having what haters have to say!

Recently, the topic of Yeri’s male friends became a trending topic on Nate’s community site Pann. With k-netizens discussing Yeri’s close friendship with idols specifically Pentagon’s Hongseok. Photos of the two idols were posted and the title reads, ‘Yeri has a lot of male friends.’

Red Velvet Yeri fans didn’t react kindly to the post as it appears the netizen who posted it was attempting to stir controversy online using photos Yeri and Hongseok took together on the set of their upcoming drama.

The fans commented things like ‘they got close filming a drama,’ ‘they’re taking photos to promote their drama,’ and ‘they have an upcoming drama together,’ and more. While k-fans defended her saying it’s because of work, international fans also added that its none of anyone’s business whether she has a lot of male friends or not.

Yeri and Hongseok are set to star in the upcoming drama “Blue Birthday,” the drama is set to premiere on July 23 on Naver TV and on August 6 on YouTube.

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