Red Velvet Confirmed For August Comeback As A Full Group

Red Velvet is coming back!

On June 9, it was reported that Red Velvet is aiming for a comeback with its 5 members, in response to the report, SM confirmed it and stated that Red Velvet is confirmed to be returning with a new album in August.

This will mark Red Velvet’s first full group comeback in about a year and eight months. The group members have been focusing on individual activities for a while now following the release of their repackaged album “The ReVe Festival’ Finale” (the finale of “The Live Festival”) in December of 2019. Their last group comeback was well received by netizens and fans are looking forward to what the group will bring this time with a summer comeback.

Expectations are high on what musical direction and growth they will show as Red Velvet through their upcoming comeback as a group.

Are you excited for Red Velvet’s comeback?

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