The recent news update regarding the ongoing bullying allegations and its aftermath with APRIL members is here!

On June 8, it was reported by Korean news outlets that the police has rejected the lawsuit filed by DSP Media against former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo’s acquaintance.

Previously, that acquaintance wrote a post on an online community accusing APRIL members of bullying Hyunjoo mentally and physically. DSP Media has repeatedly denied the allegations despite the mounting suspicion and has opted to sue everyone involved with Lee Hyunjoo who spoke about it, this includes, Lee Hyunjoo, her little brother [who is a minor], their parents and their acquaintance.

DSP Media made moves to file lawsuits against these posts for defamation, the spread of false information, and slander.

According to the legal representatives for Lee Hyunjoo, the police has cleared the acquaintance of such charges and didn’t accept DSP Media’s filings of lawsuits

The legal representatives stated they will work hard to investigate and reveal the truth about the injustices Lee Hyunjoo has suffered.

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