“Penthouse 3” is still the most watched program on Friday but its ratings have slightly gone down.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Penthouse 3” episode 4 scored average nationwide ratings of 14.9%, 17.0%, and 17.1%. It’s a dip from its previous episode ratings but still, “Penthouse 3” remains the most-watched program on Friday.

KBS idol drama “Imitation,” which had recently broken the record to become the lowest-rated kdrama ever on a public broadcasting channel, has bounced back enjoying a rise in ratings. Its latest episode scored an average of 1.3%.

“Voice 4” also rose, it earned an average of 3.4% in ratings.

Are you watching any of these dramas?


  1. Imitation is my indulgence:), it’s Korean “Romeo and Juliette” in an idols world. It would be better if they made it more dramatic because it is a serious issue and well-known problem in Korea. Here, if you are a public figure you and your private life do not belong to yourself, which shouldn’t be like that. But they prefer lighter version, which wouldn’t unfortunately make a big impact. Still, I am watching, probably because of Jun :))


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