“Penthouse 3” Episode 2 Ratings Drop But Remains The Most Watched On Friday Night

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The hit SBS drama “Penthouse 3” is still the most watched on Friday nights!

“Penthouse 3” episode 2 aired on June 11, the drama season three premiere had achieved amazing ratings almost breaking into the 20% mark, however, this week, the ratings have dropped.

According to Nielsen Korea, “The Penthouse 3” episode 2 scored average nationwide ratings of 15.2%, 17.5% and 17.5% for its three parts. It remains the most watched drama that day.

“The Penthouse 3” episode 2 has been involved in controversy for one of its characters wearing dreadlocks, SBS has not publicly commented on this issue.

Are you currently watching “The Penthouse 3”? What do you think of the drama thus far?

My personal thoughts- by Jazmine K.

So I’ve watched “Penthouse 3” episode 2 and oh my god, the level of ridiculousness is at the tipping point.

Like I’ve said last week, with the format of one episode per week, this will either improve or kill the drama’s legacy. The issue for the drama creators will be how the audience has time to analyze and ponder on the weekly episode.

Previously, we’ve been bombarded with lots of information and happenings each week and each episode ran for roughly one hour and 20 minutes and we got two of that weekly. With this new format, people will have more room to discuss everything and considering how ridiculous the plot has been, tiny details will start to emerge and some plot points might become annoying because you get to sit on it for more time.

With the way the drama has been written, this could prove to be a disaster. Its not to be taken seriously but there is also a tipping point to that. Audiences can only suspended their disbelief to a certain extent before it becomes too ridiculous.

It’ll be interesting to see how the screenwriter tackles the remaining 10 episodes and whether the writing will save or sink this drama. We have 10 more to go, I’ll review this episode today and will share more on my thoughts there, but so far, it is not looking good, sadly, as I’d expected.

By Hilda Moore

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