Popular Comedian Park Myung Soo Faces Backlash For Publicly Supporting Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship And Wishing He’d Get Married

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Popular Comedian Park Myung Soo is facing backlash for his comments on his radio show, but why?

On May 28, Park Myung Soo was doing his radio show as usual and a part of his show includes reacting and commenting on current events, and among the most discussed stories, last week was the dating confirmation of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In. Park Myung Soo said,

“Whether they wanted it to be public or not, its been revealed. Since that happened, I’d like to see if go well and would like to see them get married.” The couple has been rumored to be preparing for marriage but Lee Seung Gi’s agency has already denied the news and asked fans to stop speculating on unconfirmed and false rumors. With the growing backlash against Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In relationship, k-fans didn’t react nicely to Park Myung Soo’s comments. Soon his Instagram account was bombarded with comments by netizens asking him to know his place and not comment on such matters.

Some of the netizens comments include,

  • “don’t you know the public is upset at his girlfriend’s family. I am really disappointed.”
  • “Don’t you think that seung gi portion was a mistake? There is outrage ever since he’s become intertwined with a criminal family, but you want them to get married?”
  • “such a disrespectful piece of advice,” and more

The uproar against their dating is growing because of his girlfriend’s family history. Lee Da In’s parents and family were previously alleged to be involved in stock manipulation and insider trading, which reportedly led to financial losses and even suicide for some victims. The issue isn’t with the fact that he’s dating but rather whom he’s dating. Fans are concerned about his reputation.

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